The Sleepy Sloth Club is a collection of 7,777 unique digital sloths stored on the Ethereum blockchain.


Each Sleepy Sloth is unique and programmatically generated from over 80 hand drawn traits including background, fur, headgear, eyes, mouth and clothes. There are 7,777 sloths in total with some traits rarer than others.

The sloths are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with the images hosted on IPFS.

Only 7,777 Sloths

There are a finite number of sloths available and I won't be generating any more.

Fair pricing

The first 250 sloths will be available at a discounted price of 0.03 Ξ with the remaining sloths costing 0.077 Ξ each.

Usage rights

Owning a sloth also gives you full commercial rights


Members gain benefits through roadmap activations as well being entered into monthly giveaways.


When you buy a sloth you get more than just a dope avatar. Giveaways are unlocked as more sloths are sold. Once all 7,777 have been snapped up owners will be entered into monthly giveaways and will have access to the new Web3 experiences I will be developing.

EARLY PRE-SALE LAUNCH 25th October 2021 -> 31 October 2021 1200 UTC

250 sloths will be available to be minted at a discounted price of 0.03 Ξ with a 1 sloth per transaction limit.

Once early pre-sale ends, each sloth owner will be air dropped an additional sloth.

PRE-SALE LAUNCH 21st November 2021 @ 12 UTC

The remaining sloths from the initial 250 will be available to be minted at a discounted price of 0.03 Ξ with a 1 sloth per transaction limit.


One of the lucky 250 early sloth owners will be airdropped 2 Ξ.

I will also be airdropping 5 sloths at random to existing owners.


The remaining sloths will go on sale at a price of 0.077 Ξ.

Up to 20 sloths can be minted at a time.

25% SOLD

Sloths 1 - 2000 will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5 sloths.

One lucky sloth owner will win 2 Ξ.

50% SOLD

Sloth 1 - 3888 will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5 sloths.

One lucky sloth owner will win 5 Ξ.

5 Ξ will be donated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation

100% SOLD

One lucky sloth owner will win 5 Ξ.

5 Ξ will be donated to a charity chosen by the community

Start development on Web3 Experiences


50% of the royaties from secondary sales on OpenSea will go towards random airdrops and community decided charities.


I am going to be working on a number of Web3 experiences that will only be available to sloth owners, such as games and community boards.


I can't really call myself a team but I am an Artist and Developer all rolled into one. I have been writing code for over 20 years and I am excited to delve into the crypto and the web3 space full time.

So why should you buy a Sleepy Sloth from a one man team?

For one I am a real person.

Hi, I am Alex, nice to meet you. You can check out my Twitter, Instagram and Website.

You know who I am now, I am not going to disappear like some of these other projects. I am also a member of the Developer DAO I am going to be giving back to the community as much as possible.

If I don't live up to my promises you can troll me on twitter.


When can I buy a Sleepy Sloth?

Sleepy Sloths will be available for pre-sale soon. Join our Discord to be notified of the drop date.

Is there a benefit to owning more than 1 sloth?

You only need 1 sloth to access the community features but having more will give you a better chance at winning the giveaways.

Are there any royalty fees on secondary sales?

Yes there is a 3% royalty fee on secondary sales on OpenSea. 50% of royalties will be going towards monthly giveaways and charity donations decided by the community.

How much will Sleepy Sloths cost?

250 Sleepy Sloths will be minted at 0.03 ETH (plus gas) when pre-sale starts. The remaining sloths will be 0.077 ETH (plus gas) each.

How and where can I purchase a Sleepy Sloth?

Sleepy Sloths will be availbe to purchase (minting) directly on this page once pre-sale starts. In order to mint you will need to have the Metamask extension for your browser installed and enough ETH in your wallet for the minting cost and gas fees. Once the initial Sleepy Sloths sell out you will be able to purchase them on the secondary market, OpenSea.io. Although the prices are likely to be a lot higher.

How many sleepy sloths can be minted per transaction?

In the pre-sale you will be able to mint just 1 Sleepy Sloth per transaction. However once the main sale starts you will be able to mint up to 20 sloths at a time.

What type of tokens are Sleepy Sloths?

Each Sleepy Sloth NFT is an ERC-721 token. The images will be hosted on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) so that they will b with us forever.

How can I contact the Sleepy Sloth Club team?

You can contact us on Twitter and Discord.